Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day #22 - Wine, Olives and Firemen

Day #22
Tour de Mona- Pasa Robles Wine Country

What a nice relaxing day we had today.  This ride down the coast has no days built in for rest  and recovery so today we sort of created our own rest day.  Rather than drive 30 miles to the coast to ride 70 miles and then drive back 30 miles, we made the executive decision to do a ‘Tour de Mona Abalona” around Pasa Robles wine country.  Even better was the fact that we did not have to pack up the cars for a morning which was a nice break.  Kyle and I mapped our ride last night (who knew I had 12 Facebook friends who also use MAP my Ride?)  and off we went after we were well fed by our extremely gracious hosts! 

Who are those masked men?
We had a beautiful ride through the rolling hills and plush vineyards.  I cannot believe how many wineries we passed. We found one that opened at 10am for wine tasting and were their first customers of the day.  Oh, don’t freak out, wine tasting is called tasting not drinking.  Shannon decided he needed even more of a rest so Shane hopped on the tandem with POPs for the rest of the day.

While I was standing on the corner today waiting for the guys to point them in the right direction,  a very nice man stopped and asked me if I needed assistance.  Can I tell you that that is the very first time that anyone has asked me if I was OK?  I found that very interesting.  Lots of people have stopped to talk to me but No One has done it to make sure I was OK.  Thank you kind passerby!

A bit down the road we found what we were really looking for, an Olive farm with olive oil tasting.  Yummy.  I tried quite a few (which is pretty difficult when you don’t eat bread – feels strange to just drink it off a spoon but boy does my hair feel softer today) but I could not taste the flavor in any of them.  The farm was so beautiful that we decided to have lunch at the picnic tables out front.  While eating our delicious sandwiches tons of planes started circling overhead – a fire had broken out just over the ridge.  Kyle and Shannon went to check it out to make sure it was safe for us and came back to let us know, not only was it safe but there were tons of Firemen.  Happy Birthday Mona. 

After lunch, the ride went fast and we got back to Mona’s family around 2.  Kyle and I cleaned out the coolers so that we do not have to gag every time we  open one to get anything out and then headed to the store to get more ice and popsicles for Carl.  So, in this county you have to bring your own bag or buy one at the grocery store. Well, no one told me that so I was looking around for the bags to put  my things in and the lady said, you can buy one for 10 cents.  I offered her a $20 and she took pity on me and just gave me a bag.  Thanks for your donation.   I cannot believe Oregon isn’t doing this….c’mon people…jump on the bag ban!  I like it.

We went to visit Mona’s twin brother and then found another olive oil store downtown Paso Robles.  I finally tasted an oil that I could tell the flavor.  Jalapeno olive oil.  So I had to get some.  And then the lady suggested I get some Pineapple white balsamic vinegar to go with it for salad.  It sounds awful but I mixed the two and ate it with my spoon and I cannot wait to have salad at home.  It is a taste explosion in your mouth.  Who needs Hidden Valley Ranch? 

Had another Amazing dinner back at the ranch.  Grilled Dogs, chili, homemade potato salad and macaroni salad. Thank you so much Trish ( Henry), Tawney, Lloyd, Marva, Miranda, and Kevin for your hospitality.  We are so grateful and appreciate you opening your home to us. 

Time to get some zzz’s.  See ya on down the road in Goleta!

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  1. Great blog Carl; have fun today; from PWP Dennis, Surf City, CA