Wednesday, May 21, 2014

And Now….Deep Thoughts…. by Mona Abalona

To sum up my 10 days with Pops Ride in just a few paragraphs is going to be tough.  I thought coming in mid ride would be more stressful seeing as the guys all had their routines locked down, but no, it was a smooth transition, out with the old, Dwayne and Jerry ( no pun intended) and in with the new, but since Nate-Dog is only 19 it is safe to say. Nathanial, Keith, and I arrived in Medford OR and we were met by Dwayne's wife Grace. Grace had the patience to drive for 3 hours, pick up 3 strangers and then drive for a few more hours just to pick up her husband, she must have missed him.  After some instructions from Shane, we were ready to settle in for the night.

What an adventure I had, from Medford OR to Paso Robles CA, it was fun, exciting and full of laughs. Oh don't get me wrong there were a few tense moments.  Sorry Doris, I almost took out your husband on the side of the road.... A miscommunication? or my inability to read BIKE sign language? 

I had a few firsts along the ride, a Black Bear decided to make a mad dash across the street while I was riding peacefully along the "Avenue of the Giants", a whale was slowly swimming across the bay in Point Arena CA, The Golden Gate was pretty intimidating but I was able to win it over, and then there was the first experience of sleeping under the stars, I liked it so much I did it once again a few nights later. I was able to introduce some of my Arizona 'family'  to my California family, when we rode into my hometown of Paso Robles, this was the start of my "oh no it's over already to my whoo hoo I get to see my family" phase.  I am grateful to Henry, Mom, Tawny, Lloyd, Miranda and Cavan for opening up their home and letting me bring in these wonderful people. I love all of you!  

If the views, the weather and the incredible giving nature of people didn't amaze me enough, then Carl and Jerry did. I learned that these two have such heart and strength! to ride every day, keep smiling and enjoy life no matter what they are handed.  Both of you astound  me! I hope I can look to you for inspiration when I feel like it is getting too tough.   Carl, I will dance with you on the street anytime! Yes, Jerry we will always stop at the fruit stands to purchase Cherries! 

I am back home now and ready to get back to normal, with a few less magical tears.  Luckily I do have my memories of my 10 days of awesomeness!!!!

Mona Abalona

Rachel and Mona

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  1. Mona, thank you for posting! It is all the little things and sub stories that make an endeavor like this relatable to all. SAG support ROCKS!