Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day #24 - The Great Wall of RV's

Day #24
Carpenteria to Oxnard

It was nice to be back to the beach today.  I love the beach.  The sand, the water, the smell…When I moved to Arizona, that was the hardest part for me…. I have long since adjusted but it is so nice to visit.  We packed up the vehicles and took our traditional morning pix – along with a few non-traditional ones.  Thank you again to David Magnusson and the LDS church in Carpenteria for your taking such great care of us.  We appreciate your hospitality.
Day #24

After a few quick blocks we could smell the salty air and hear the seagulls again.  Today was nice and short due to lodging circumstances (remember, I had issues with Goleta so we had to go all the way to Carpenteria instead which was about 35 miles closer to today’s destination.)  We pretty much rode along the ocean all morning.  The coolest thing I saw today was The Great Wall of RV’s.  It was along a nice wide road  and it was basically an RV park right on the sea wall.  There were 127 ocean view spots and RV’s parallel parked all along the road (Mona- can you imagine parallel parking one of those?)  They went on and on.  If I had an RV, I would definitely come park it here for a week.  What a spectacular view for $28/night.

The guys spent the 2nd half of the miles today on a bike path which was easier for us than I thought it would be because it did meet up with the road in a few spots so Kyle and I just waited there.  

Does anyone else think this is the coolest name for a bank?
We had SO few miles today we were just about done by lunch time so I drove ahead and found a cool lunching place.  At Channel Islands Harbor we dined upstairs on a patio overlooking the marina.   We caused quite a stir with the two-man staff at the Lookout Grill and Bar because they were grossly understaffed and worried that we were going to be upset about waiting.  On the contrary, like I said, we were almost done for the day and way too early to show up at Carolyn’s house yet.  Carl’s family showed up and joined us – Carl had not seen them in almost a month so he has literally been giddy for the last two days. 

Now we are relaxing here with Carolyn who is hosting us tonight is her delightful art-deco home.  We had so much extra time that Shannon cleaned the bikes, Kyle and I did tomorrow’s route and then he and Shannon did the rest of the ride while I was in the shower (I guess I took a longer shower than I thought.) We have done 3 loads of laundry and Carl and crew went back to the beach.  All before 6.  I might actually get this posted before dinner and we can all go to bed early.  I am not sure what that is like.
Carolyn - tonight's 'Hostess with the Mostess'

Her amazing backyard.
Who is that with the colorful dreds?

Shannon cleaning bikes

See ya on down the road!  

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