Saturday, May 17, 2014

Day #20 - I'm Back!

SAG Shift Change
Day #20

I’m Back!  Did you miss me?  Not as much as I missed you, I’m sure.

It was Pure Torture to watch from the sidelines (also know as Facebook) while sitting at work (of course I was not really on Facebook at work, I was busy working, but you know what I mean.)

Let me introduce the SAG team for the final week of the ride.  First we have Mona who has been driving for the last week and will be with us through Monday.   Next is Kyle who flew with me from Phoenix today.  Kyle rode in POPsRide 2011 when they rode from Florida to San Diego.   And of course, there is Me and I am thrilled thrilled thrilled to be back.  

So, here’s a funny story to start the day… Kyle and I were supposed to meet Ed who was going to join us this week but we did not see him at the airport and figured we just did not see him get on the plane.  So we waited and waited and watched as everyone got off the plane and there was NO Ed.  Strange, right? Well, we finally reached him by phone and it turns out, he booked his plane ticket for tomorrow instead.  Oops.  Guess we left more than just the banana bread in Phoenix.

Kurt and Sidney picked us up at the San Jose airport and drove us to Carmel and the craziest coincidence happened on the way…we stopped at Chipotle about a half hour from the airport to grab a quick bite and the lady who was sitting in front of us on the airplane walked out of the same chipotle.  What are the odds? 

Met up with the gang in Monterey and it was like coming home!  I really missed being here in case you could not tell.

Tonight we are staying in this amazing barn.  Thanks Leisa for helping locate this cool spot. 

There is a full kitchen so Mona and I went back to town and got groceries – then Mona whipped up some delicious tacos.  I think that Mona has set a bad precedent for me this past week by cooking these gourmet breakfasts and dinners.  How can I ever hope to fill her shoes?

I have had a few people ask questions about some of the logistics while I was home so I will try and answer them this week.  One of the questions was, what are the sleeping arrangements like?  They are different every day but tonight we are mostly in a big room – we have air mattress and cots with sleeping bags spread around the barn.  Tonight we have so much room that we each have our own area.  Some nights we are packed a bit tighter.

In case you have not figured it out, I am Very Glad to be back.  I am going to try and keep up with this blog better than I did last time. But that also means that I will not have days to edit and improve so it may be a little rougher around the edges.  Bear with me and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy being here.

See ya on down the road!