Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day #23 - Riding through Farmville

Day #23
Pismo Beach to Goleta

Today was a bittersweet day since we had to say good bye to Mona when we left.  Thanks for everything Mona and we miss you already.  And thanks again to Trish, Marva, Tawney, Lloyd, Miranda and Cevan for hosting us the last two nights in your home.  We cannot thank you enough for your gracious hospitality.  Before we took off, Carl handed out  awards for the Tour de Mona Abalona.  Good thing Kyle and I got #1 SAG.  Be a rough rest of the week if we did not win that one.  ;-)  Of course, we might have that revoked if Kyle keeps stopping right before a hill.

Tour de Mona Abalona awards - thanks Carl

This morning we had about a 30 minute drive to our start in Pismo Beach.  After letting the bikes out we got about a block before we saw (and smelled)  Old West Cinnamon Rolls which had a line out the door so we had to stop and check that out.  They looked and smelled amazing (for those that don’t know me, I don’t eat sugar or bread so no cinnamon rolls for me)  but they had AMAZING coffee.  I don’t know what it was but it was delicious.

The SAG team's daily Selfie from Pismo Beach

We spent the day traveling through Farmville today.  It was beautiful and extremely fragrant.  I could smell strawberries for quite a while and then I got a whiff of something and could not figure it out.  Thought it might be brussel sprouts but turns out it was broccoli and cauliflower.  We watched a whole team of workers harvest some cauliflower and they wrap it up right on the spot to go to the store.  Impressive operation.  

Cool Old Farmhouse
Lunch on the Golf Course - Carl's cousins joined us
View from the road today
At one point I stopped to go to the bathroom at a gas station and then drove another mile to wait for the guys.  I waited and waited and they did not show up.  Then I waited some more and I was thinking, “Did I take that long to go to the bathroom?”  “Did they pass me already and I’m waiting for nothing?”  “How long should I wait before I call Kyle?”  (This reminds me of a childhood memory - waiting for the school bus … I’d get there right on time and no other people were there so I’d wonder…did I miss the bus?  How long should I wait till I walk home and have my mom drive me?  What if I walk home and then the bus goes past?)  I had the same feeling today.  And I picked up my phone to call Kyle (which I apparently do too much according to Shannon who was trying to take a nap yesterday) when I could see Keith’s bright green jacket coming down the road.  (by the way, usually I had missed the bus)

They conquered the hill - Victory!

Today we packed it in around 4:30 and made the long drive to Carpenteria.   This is the last overnight accommodation I had secured – last week – because the city of Goleta has been eluding me since I started this project in early February.  Thank you Leisa Ames for hooking me  up with David Magnusson at the LDS church in Carpenteria.  He welcomed us with popsicles and maps with restaurant suggestions.  He escorted us to the State Park with the ‘safest beach in California’ so the riders could shower and Kyle, Dave and I played a rousing game of bolo ball (or ladder ball) while we waited.  Then we went to a steakhouse where you cook your own steak.  (Sounds like eating at home to me.) Shane and I cooked the steak and chicken for everyone and it was delicious.  Thanks Dave for all of your help and for spending time with us this evening. 
The view from the bathroom stop on the way to Carpinteria
Waiting for Shannon to get quarters for the shower

Dave and Kyle

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