Friday, May 2, 2014

Day #3 - Did Someone Say Bacon?

Day #3

Port Hadlock to Belfair

We are getting to be pros at waking up and re-packing the cars.  Although they get packed differently each time, each time seems a little more efficient than the last.  I am so impressed with the riders.    They just wake up and get back on that bike.  I don’t know how they do it.  It is awe inspiring! 

We took our morning pictures…thanks again for your hospitality, Jim and the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer and then headed out towards Belfair.  We were on a bit of a time schedule today because we knew our overnight destination had an event planned at 5pm but it was supposed to be a shorter day so we did not think that would be a problem.

I had to stop early in the morning to wait as a deer crossed the road.  That was pretty cool to see.  I also was getting puzzled at some of my stops because my phone quacks like a Duck when I get a text and there were tons of ducks around me so I kept looking at my phone thinking it was me but it wasn't.

Just so you know, I am writing part of this on day #5 trying to catch up because I really have not had any spare time along the road so I have to be honest and those of you that know me can vouch for this… my short term memory sucks.    So after day #3 when I realized I was going to be playing catchup, I started to take notes during the day, but I had not started that at this point so Day #3 is a little bit sketchy for me.  I will try and fill you in on future days if I remember things but mostly what I remember about day #3 is four things…

First is I had to pull over and take a picture of the Bacon Christmas Tree Farm – again, those that know me will get this!

Did someone say Bacon?
Number 2 was the Hood Canal Bridge.  When I got to the corner to wait, the bridge was turned so that a barge could go by.  Not something you see every day in Phoenix and I got to see the whole thing.  I also got to watch the traffic back up both on the main road and the one we were turning off of which then meant I got to chat with all the other people in their cars waiting.  That’s why we’re doing this and it’s one of my favorite parts!  When the riders joined me we turned it into a rest break…couldn’t go anywhere anyway.

#C is that we stopped at the most beautiful place for lunch.  Kitsap State Park.  It was beautiful… grass, trees, picnic tables. The shoreline was teaming with wildlife: crabs, star fish, snail type shellfish – under every rock.  I felt badly because I think with every step we were crushing some living thing. 

What's that Spell?

And #4 is the very overwhelming reception that we received once we got to Belfair. There are not enough words to describe our gratitude to Pastor Julie and the congregants of the Christ Lutheran Church in Belfair.  We arrived to a welcome sign on the church marquee,  a banner for POPs and Carl to ride through, and a congregational potluck and story sharing.  It was a moment that brought tears to my eyes as I looked around.  This is why we ride!  The generosity of people towards complete strangers just truly overwhelms me.  (I know I used overwhelm twice but there really is NO better word to describe it) We arrived as strangers and left as friends.  Thank you, Julie!  What you have done for us goes well beyond today.  You and your congregation touched our lives in a very profound way and we will forever be grateful.

After dinner, I got to make a side trip to take Mary, Tom and Philip to SEATAC as their journey with us comes to an end. I volunteered to make the 65 mile trek to Seattle but there might have been selfish reasons involved…I heard there was access to a hot shower – or actually maybe I needed a shower so they just made me think I volunteered.  And speaking of that, for someone who is not actually riding, how can I smell just as badly as the ones that spent the day on a bike? Time to switch deodorants, I guess.

I took them to the airport and was rewarded with some extra time with our departing friends and some spectacular scenery. Went through the Tacoma Narrows and the beautiful toll bridge and got some fabulous views of Mt. Rainier plus I got to enjoy a steamy, hot shower in Mary’s hotel room before heading back.  It was truly a pleasure to spend time getting to know you, Tom and Philip and I hope I get to see you again soon! 

Mt Rainier

Thanks for riding with us Tom and Phil
It was a nice long drive back….but I had Matilda - the GPS navigator, cruise control, coffee and some good tunes.  On a random side note, it’s actually funny that that is really the only time so far that I have had the tunes blasting.  I downloaded all this great music to listen to but I have been just enjoying listening to nature (that and the one time I tried to listen to music, I missed a key turn, so I decided it was time to just listen to the birds and cows this week)

See ya down the road!


  1. I am truly enjoying your narration, it's like I can hear your voice and see your expression while I'm reading this. What an amazing adventure!

  2. I am absolutely loving reading this!! What an amazing adventure.

  3. Thanks guys. I am glad someone is reading it! ;-)