Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day #25 - They think I was lost…but I really just wanted to go to Venice Beach!

Day #25
Oxnard to Hermosa Beach

Thank you so much to our Oxnard Host, Carolyn.  She opened up her beautiful home and also took us to her favorite restaurant for dinner and it was the most delicious Greek chicken I have ever eaten.  Shane, Shannon, Keith and I slept outside on her back patio and it was a crisp, clear night.  All the guys fell asleep instantly so I used my Sky View App and could see Mars and Saturn amongst all the stars. I also found it interesting that no one snored outside.

Thanks for dinner, Carolyn.

Today was officially ‘Big Delicious Day’ – at least that’s what I’m calling it.  Thanks Shannon for wearing those bike shorts one more time just for me…you can say it was because you wanted to wear bibs, but I know better and I appreciate it!  ;-) 

Big Delicious

Day #25 - Thanks Carolyn.

Goofy Day #25

It started out a bit overcast but nice.  We got to ride past Ft Mugo Naval base and stopped to take pix with some old planes and missiles. 

I see the resemblance

We rode through Malibu and I have to say, it looks a lot more impressive on “Two and a Half Men.”  We ate lunch in parking lot using our portable picnic set up of a roll-a-table and camp chairs and if the signs had not said Malibu, we could just as easily been in Glendale.  Nothing spectacular to write home about.  I think they must have been hiding the nice areas from the passers by.  I had to stop for gas and a bathroom break and I chose a station poorly.  I had to wait in line for a pump and it seemed to take forever.  I was very worried being away from the riders because they had a turn coming up and I felt like I was at the gas station for an hour.  (it was probably only 15 minutes but that is ridiculous amount of time for a gas station these days and I was in a hurry)  It turned out OK because I found them and they really had not gone nearly as far as I expected but I was sweating bullets and only half filled the tank.

I met some interesting people on the side of the road today while I was waiting on the boys.  Ramiro, the guy working road construction duty…I pulled up behind his truck and he got out to see what we were doing.  He had been at work since 8pm the night before and I think he just wanted me to keep him awake while he waited for the rest of his crew to finish.  There was also Dachaw, the state park parking lot attendant.  When I told him about our ride, he pulled out a note card from his pocket to show me that his goal for the day was to make a difference in the world just like I was doing.  I thought that was pretty cool. 

I forgot to mention earlier that we gained a rider today.  Carl’s son, Jordan, joined the ride mid morning.  As we get closer to San Diego we are going to keep picking up riders. It is also going to get a bit more difficult to navigate.  We keep telling the riders to keep the ocean on their right but it is not that simple.  We have lots of little detours off the PCH to make it as safe as possible for them and the more we get off the PCH, the more complicated it is for Kyle and I.  Although he is a navigational genius – almost reaching savant levels - he still has to work with me and I am very seriously navigationally challenged and hold him back quite a bit.  I am pretty sure that I was bugging Kyle today with calls and questions and will do my very best to not annoy him tomorrow.  Sorry Kyle.  There was a time today when he thinks I got lost but really I just wanted to go to Venice Beach.  (Shhh….don’t tell him I am not as directionally dysfunctional as he thinks….I have a reputation to uphold.)

SAG selfie of the day
I found where I am moving next today (That is if I decide not to park an RV on the great wall from yesterday.)  Manhattan Beach is my favorite beach we have driven through in any of the cities.  I love it.  It has personality but is not pretentious.  I am definitely coming back.  Most of the afternoon, the riders were on bike paths and we had to work our way around the city to find them.  We drove along the coast without riders all the way from Venice Beach to Hermosa Beach Pier where we ended for the day.  Surprisingly (due to traffic and parking) we beat them there and actually had to wait for a bit before they came riding down the ocean walk.  We loaded up and drove to the Hope Community Church for our evening’s lodging.  Tonight was youth night at the church and there were tons of people around but it was fun to talk to all of them and they made us feel right at home.  We have a really large room all to ourselves and have each staked out a corner. 

Hermosa Beach Pier

Kyle and I worked on the route (basically Kyle worked on it and I tried really hard to follow – I promise to try and not get lost tomorrow, Kyle) and then we had visitors join us.  Another rider and his family who are joining us tomorrow and my cousin Lora, who I have not seen in about 10 years.  She joined us for dinner and it was really nice to catch up.  She fit right in to the group and we had a great time. 

Dinner at Fire Pit Pizza

See, Carl, I have cousins too. 

Well everyone else is already snoring so I am going to end this now.  (Shannon says I type loudly so I am probably keeping him up but he is too polite to throw a pillow at me.)  This amazing journey is nearing the end and I know the riders are super excited but I, for one, will be sad to see it end.

See ya on down the road in San Clemente!

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